Politics of Genocide: Punjab 1984-1998

Book on rights violations released


CHANDIGARH, JUNE 3: Justice Kuldip Singh, former judge of the Supreme Court, today released “Politics of Genocide”. The book examines the effect of nearly two decades of violence on the institutions of civil society and the rights of the individuals in Punjab.

Written by Inderjit Singh Jaijee, convener of the movement against state repression, the book is based on data collected over the years. It provides the historical context of the turmoil as well as the demographic, social and economic factors that underlay the tension. It also refers to measures for restoring lasting peace and creating a just and progressive paradigm for all the states in the country.

Of the five sections, one section of the book has been devoted to Operation Bluestar – claimed to be the human rights white paper. Jaijee quotes military commanders who carried out the action, the bureaucrats who were privy to the plan, the police and media observers and those who were inside the Golden Temple complex at that time. This section raises the legal question as to who actually ordered the operation and under what provisions of the law and civil procedure. The human rights violations that marked the operation and the campaign of disinformation that followed are also recounted in detail.

The book also deals with the cases of disappearances, extra judicial killings, bounty killings and strategic killings.

The effort is to provide information without being emotional.

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